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Photographing weddings is challenging as this is the only time that you, the bride and groom, get just one chance to record the day no opportunities of a re-shoot if things go wrong.  So why risk this important part of the entire day to someone who just isn't up to the job. This is question you should ask yourselves.


Hunter Valley Wedding Photographer

Wedding photography


I have been taking wedding photos for many years, in particular since 2002 in China where I covered many major weddings, and there the wedding scene is far more critical and volatile than Western weddings.Wazza  I provide wedding photography packages, budget wedding photography for those on a limited budget, but still provide a high level of customer satisfaction.

I'm not the typical Hunter Valley wedding photographer as my style changes according to your demands,  so if you're all about the traditional shots of the tall at the back and the small at the front, then I'm probably not right for you. However this is your call then I'll still apply the same professionalism to the shoot

Wedding photography is unique and demands a challenging approach to each wedding, so when it comes to your wedding what I'm looking for is something different and I hope you are as well. My approach is more about being there but not seen, blending in and capturing those intimate moments.

CoupleMy aim is to capture passion, love and elegance in a candid way and to create images of those natural and spontaneous moments that make your wedding day special. Wedding Photography is one of my passions

My style varies from the classical, to contemporary and just plain open. I apply the best in customer service focus and believe in constant communication with my clients to form a solid bond that helps provide the atmosphere required for a successful shoot.   My aim is to capture spontaneity with candid natural poses.  And by moving quietly through the ceremony and the reception I am able to capture this spontaneity and create the most magic moments of your day.  I have contained my costs by reducing many overheads such as expensive albums. If you need an album I can confidently point you in the right direction for you to chose what you want.  I have also decided not to maintain my studio and prefer to be totally mobile.  These two items alone save an enormous amount of money.  Savings I can pass on to you my valuable client.

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