Promotional Photo shoot Terms and Conditions

Please read these conditions as its important to the photo session


These are important conditions regarding the photo shoot you should know and agree to


This offer is an advertising promotion and discounted very heavily to showcase what I can do for you. Although you don't need to pay anything more with this promotion, if you want more copies of the photos you will need to pay for them. Prices of enlargements have been discounted as much as 60% off normal retail The order form for purchase is here

The terms of each party are known as OurDeal  (Supplier), Les Dainter Photography (Photographer) and you having purchased the voucher (Client)

  1. The fees Client paid to the Supplier remain the property of the Supplier and is not shared with any other party including Photographer
  2. Photographer, nor his staff, associates and any other persons associated with Photographer's business are not employed by the Supplier, contracted to the Supplier or any other way associated with Supplier, except in agreeing with the Supplier to using the Photographers name and reputation to advertise and promote its products
  3. Photographer has agreed to the terms and conditions of Supplier as a commercial decision to promote its business and product range
  4. Photographer and Supplier agree that this was a one time offer that cannot be repeated
  5. Client has nothing more to pay and is under no obligation to purchase extra product.  However the only product supplied as part of the promotion are as shown in items 3 and 4 below
  6. The OurDeal price of $25.00 is the promotional price.  If booked as a private session the RRP of the package is $489.00 each session


  1. The term Photo Shoot is defined as;
    1. The promotional shoot is subject to availablility of dates and times.  Client is advised to book early as there can be no extension of time after voucher expiry date
    2. 30 to 45 minutes on location to complete the Client brief and photo session or a maximum of 70 photos whichever comes first
    3. Up to 90 minutes post processing in the studio to ensure all images are within the quality expected of Photographers standards and reputation.  The balance of time is taken with travel to and from the location
    4. Client gets one 10x8 Enlargement of Client choice professionally printed when Client purchase extra copies, or printed in-house if Client makes no other purchase
    5. A printed proof set with all images taken on the day
    6. A digital negative of the same image
    7. A gift voucher to the same value and terms and conditions for you to give to friends or relatives
    8. The proof set and enlargement must be picked up at the studio in South Hurstville,  An appointment is required
    9. The photos remain on the system for 4 weeks from the date of the shoot.  If there has not been an order placed for prints, or they haven't been collected from the studio then your file will be deleted


Clients are under no obligation to purchase extra copies, however Photographer has completed his assignment at this point, and to provide an on-going service, you will need to buy individual photos.  Here are some options for Client to consider

  1. The photo shoot must be completed before the expiry date of the voucher,  please note it's essential you book early to avoid disappointment
  2. Photography session can include single headshots, couples, groups and more.  Photographer is flexible and can accept your suggestions for poses to a maximum of 70 photos
  3. When Client receives the printed proof set, he/she/they have the option to purchase copies of the photos free of watermarks
  4. A Proof Set of images is defined as images provided to Client in printed format and watermarked for their approval to order printed copies
  5. Please ensure you arrive at the shoot location on time and not before and certainly not late. A late start will affect other people who have purchased Suppliers voucher. In which case the shoot may be shortened in time or rescheduled for another day, or the voucher forfeited
  6. There is an allocated time of 30 to 45 minutes which is generally more than enough time for a session.  However if extra time is needed, and if time is available, the charge out rate has been discounted for this deal and is $180 per hour or part thereof
  7. In case of inclement weather, the shoot will be cancelled and rescheduled for the next available date if possible

Photographers comment


  1. Note 1.  Actual time in front of the camera is 30 to 45 minutes or a maximum of 70 photos which ever comes first. This means your time on site is more relaxed and gives you extra time to enjoy the surroundings
  2. Note 2.  To save time in getting the final results to Client, Photographer retains the right to select the images of his choice
  3. Note 3 All digital images purchased are free from watermarks and are in high resolution JPG format unless otherwise stated by Client.    All Photographs and enlargements ordered are high resolution and free of watermarks
 I Agree to these conditions        Please return the voucher request form.  Click here                                                          




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