Fashion and Glamour Photography

Taking photos of fashion on models, on manequins or just on a hanger all requires a certain skill to get the shape, colour and detail correct. Lighting of course plays an important part of this genre.


Fashion & Glamour Photography


Fashion and Glamour Photography requires skills to interpret your Fashionneeds and requirements.  What you want, how you want it and what's more the type of photography session you want.  But if this is just a very special session privately for you then I am happy to discuss all options with you includung nude and semi-nude.   Here experience counts in making you relaxed and more open to the whole professional photography session.

My fashion or glamour photo sessions are custom tailored to your needs. This  means we should meet before the shoot for a site visit so I'm able to find out more about who "you" are. But that's good. You'll like it. And when it comes THAT time we'll both be comfortable and together we'll both know how best to capture the image and presentation you want.

Model Photography

If you're a model looking to update or start a new portfolio, or a make-up artist wanting to display your skills or you're just looking for some new material to add to your portfolio, then follow me and I'll suggest ways in which we can utilise my creativity in style and technique that will make your image stand out in a more professional way.  Fashion 2

If you simply want a super special portrait of yourself (to give as a gift perhaps or to hang on your own wall) or some shots of you and your partner, I offer you the same options as professional models, that's professional photography and realism. Together though solid and relaxed communication, I'll take you through looks, poses and locations that would bring out the inner you. 

All my fashion shoots and glamour shots will be done according to your brief.  I recommend you look through some of my pages using the links from my home page. It makes for a really good way to see what I do, and if you really can't see what you want in any other way, tell me and I love to shoot it! (if for no other reason, do it for me!) Go back here to see what I mean




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