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It cannot be emphasied more that professional photography of your home for sale should not be treated lightly. Its your major asset and to get all the benefits of the sale and a much better attendance for open days is to present you property in a professional manner. This is why professional photography is so important


Photography for Real Estate Agents and you, the vendor


InteriorReal estate photography is so important and here's why...

Well for a start, just check listings on and look how these beautifully presented properties just entice you, and then... just look at the price they are asking.  Read on and you will find out how you can produce the same results. For examples of interiors click here

  • Not only price, its well known that location, location are the most important factors in selling a home. But...If  the property is not sensibly priced or in a difficult location, a professional portfolio of photos makes little or no difference. Price is a key issue in today's volatile market. Owners are having a hard time understanding why and how much their home has dropped or increased in value recently. Getting home owners to realistically price their property at market value is a constant challenge for agents.
  • Once the agent has encourage the owner to price their property close to market value, and can demonstrate there are numerous homes in the same price range and geographical location, this is when professional photography really makes its mark.
  • Nowadays prospective purchasers are using the Internet more and more through web sites such as or even Google for that matter, to initiate their search. And are then overwhelmed when they see the hundreds of homes available. Next they are faced with deciding which homes to visit on open days, and this is where the importance of top quality photographs become an important deciding factor.  Just click on the link to and see what I mean.
  • As you check the available properties, the initial selection is generally made by a handful of facts shown by the little icons indicating number of bedrooms, bathrooms and car space and so on, and to some extent a small photo of the front of the home. But the importance of this image could be wasted if its not well presented as an image! A more complete set of photos is like a bright light to a moth. It attracts people to read more about the listing details.
  • Professionally produced images provide a bigger picture of the property and leads the buyer to make a better decision to seek more information. Why? well because in this enlightened age most people even those in the retirement age have been exposed to TV and magazine marketing and advertising using photographs to entice you, lead you on, and make the decision making process that much easier. But even if you ask why, through subliminal suggestion some just can’t tell you what makes a strong image, but they know one when they see it. Quality photos work at deeper emotional level, and really you don’t need to understand the psychological reason on how the image works to see and feel it’s unique strength. Powerful, compelling image should be included for both exteriors and interiors of homes just like other subjects!
  • The net result of any online search is getting on the buyers short list of properties they want to visit. And remember, a home will never sell if no one visits itSo now maybe you can understand why homes photographed in a professional way play a key role in getting buyers to beat a pathway to the property with a possible resulting sale.

In  nutshell, when homes are priced near market value, photos become major deciding factor causing buyers to come look at a home. Property doesn't sell without a proper marketing approach and with out this, they are not enticed to visit the property. it’s easy to see by stepping through the process elimination, impressive marketing photos will have a significant effect on selling a home faster. Every Real Estate agent I've spoken to understands the power of marketing photos immediately.  Its your turn now, to see examples of interiors click here




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