Photography Classes and workshops

Learn to make money with your camera by joining these beginner or advanced workshops. Photo classes that will take in photographing objects, people, weddings, houses, food, events and functions and so on. Take control of your camera and learn from the professional photographer. Photo courses at a budget price for the beginner


Photography Classes on location

Beginners Photography class with morning location shoot at Hyde Park $75.00 with full class notes

Take control of your camera with this full two hour hands-on practical course with maximum groups of ten budding photographers delivered in a language you understand with little reference to technical jargon.  You will learn;

  • Understanding your camera and how it works
  • What's so important about ISO, what does it mean and what effects does it have on photographs
  • Make your photos lighter or darker by understanding the aperture, what does it do and how can you use it more effectively to make better photos
  • Shutter speed, what's important about it, how and when do I use this to make better photographs
  • Understanding "Modes" in your camera and how to use them
  • White balance what it means to make your photos more vibrant

Beginner plus Class with a full two hour afternoon walking tour photo shoot at The Rocks $75.00 with full class notes

  • Understanding how light works, where it comes from and how to take advantage of available light
  • Light and shade and how to take advantage of extremes of light conditions
  • Using depth of field to enhance your photos
  • Learn how and when to shoot in "Manual" mode and what this will do to your photography skills
  • Learn how texture of backdrops can make your photos come alive
  • How to control white balance, when you need to make it work better for you and how correct problems

What you need:

  • A DSLR Camera (Not suitable for point and shoot cameras)
  • A notebook
  • Good walking shoes
  • An all weather lightweight jacket
  • Snack and something to drink
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