Corporate Photography

Product photography, phographs for your annual report, machinery, components large and small, product photography for your web pages.  All need the same skill to make them come alive. And for the products on your web, just remember they will only sell if the product photography is an accurate view of what you sell or do


Corporate Photography

Some examples of corporate or product photography

Businesses and corporations often need to product images of staff, board members, product launches, new product releases, annual reports and much more.

Cocktail parties and staff functions all need photographic coverage for staff relations. customer product nights and other formal events

Corporate and Industrial photography show the human side of your company or your group, besides the formal business portrait and corporate headshots. Modern industry may also create some reportage images with their executives working in the field, these kinds of images now become the main communication tool among the investor and international public relation communications.

New Clients
    Cerese Jewelry their entire range of pearl jewelry for their on-line web
    ACBC Designated Official functions and events photographer
            Barry O'Farrell Luncheon
            Kristina Kenneally
            Bank of China End of financial year Function
            Chinese Ambassador to Australia function coverage
    August 2010 Cumulus Wines, Orange for the corporate, product and function coverage
    August 2010 for their entire range of furniture for their on-line web
    September 2010 Hooters Australia for corporate shoot and food menu

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