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Customers often have many questions before the photography session, be it wedding photography, portrait photography, food or commercial shoots. I have listed here a number of questions I am asked most


Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. What is your experience ... ?
  2. How do you differ from others ... ?
  3. Do you have professional qualifications ... ?
  4. Who is the owner and photographer... ?
  5. When is the best time to contact you... ?

What is my experience ... ?

  • I have been a photographer most of my life.  I can even remember my first camera was a Ricoh, a simple thing with a view finder that lifted out from the back.  As a child I learned how to develop my own film and process my own prints.   I had a corner of my bedroom curtained off as my darkroom.  Of course in those days, everything was just black and white but never the less I learned how to enhance the images using other skills just the same as we do with Photoshop today.  So to answer your question, yes, I've been in the photography business a long long time.  But to give more impact, I am also a very successful businessman with extensive interests in Beijing China where I have spent the last few years as a leading photographer for fashion, product and weddings
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How do I differ from others ... ?

  • Well, because I apply business skills to my company, that's why.  I am able to structure my products by exercising discipline over spending.  By taking care of the small stuff and also to some extent the major items such as studio rent, I am able to maintain my costs to a reasonable level thus leaving more room in your budget for other things more important to you.   Its no secret that rent or ownership of a studio has to be recovered in the pricing structure, and by eliminating this expense I am able to pass on the savings to you.  But that doesn't mean I am not equipped.  Not at all, in fact I possibly have more professional equipment as any studio, I just make myself mobile, that's all.
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Do I have professional qualifications... ?

  • Yes I do.  I am an associate of the Australian Institute of Processional Photographers AIPP and also a member of the Wedding and Portrait Photographer International WPPI.  I also have a degree in Psychology and a degree in business marketing
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Who is the owner and photographer... ?

  • I am, Les Dainter is both the owner of the business called Les Dainter Photography and the Photographer
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When is the best time to contact me... ?

  • You can contact me at any time by email,  but obviously I would prefer contact during normal business hours.  Also please bear in mind if I am busy with a client, I may not be able to take your calls. But do leave a message and I'll get back to you
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