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Professional Photography is changing. Customers now want professional photography, but at a budget price. Cheap photography doesn't now mean unprofessional, Using modern techniques, cheap photography is in the range of all people wanting specialised photography.


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Welcome to Les Dainter Photography an all encompassing site that not only shows my talents but also gives valuable information on each page.

Sydney Professional Photographer Les Dainter, is a seasoned and skilled image maker with genuine passion and creative flair that separates me from all the others.  Coming from the old school of photography still film and into digital, I have been a leading image maker now for many years.   Click here to read what people have said about my services.

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Products include:


  • Click on the button and go direct to the Wedding Photo Galleries.  Full of information, budget list, links to other services, downloads and more

Portrait Shoots

  • Check this page for information about how I approach the fantastic subject of portrait photography. And you know, this is not expensive for an investment in time. Freeze the moment for you or your loved ones.  Click here to see what I mean.

Fashion & Glamour

  • Open your mind and imagine what a new portfolio will do for your career.  Fashion, glamour, hair, makeup and more.  Click here to understand why you should update your portfolio now

Food & Beverage

  • Photographing food requires specific skills in lighting, composition, colour, focus and imagination.  See how I created a gallery of exciting images for a new recipe book by Kelly Barlow with her interpretation of 50 new Cheese recipes


  • Corporations can access their special pages here including client viewing, new shoots, special events & functions and more

Events & Functions

  • Cocktail parties, corporate events, fund raising events, special corporate photography, and more.  Check this page out for information on how you can grab the highlights of your next events. And if you are fundraising, see the very special offer I have for you to not only make the event memorable, but also check out the free offer and donated gifts
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